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How to Start an LLC

Form an LLC in a few simple steps using TRUIC's free guide. By making the process easy to understand, we hope to get you on the path to forming your limited liability company, and ultimately achieving your dreams.

We provide a step-by-step LLC formation process for all 50 states. You'll find the specific links, documents and information for your state’s company formation process.

Step 1. Name your LLC

Step 2. Choose a Registered Agent

Step 3. File the Articles of Organization

Step 4. Create an Operating Agreement (might be optional)

Here you’ll find out what type of LLC you will be forming. Why should you form an LLC instead of a S-corp or C-corp? What are some of the benefits you'll get by incorporating?

Use TRUIC's business plan generator to help you organize the most important information about your business venture. Create an account so that you can come back and work on it another time.

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