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How to Start an LLC

Looking for the best guide to starting an LLC? How to start an LLC provides you with clear and simple steps to launch your start up. By making the process easy to understand, we hope to get you on the path to forming your limited liability company, and ultimately achieving your dreams.

We provide a step-by-step LLC formation process for all 50 states. Choose your state on this page to get started. You’ll find the specific links, documents and information for your state’s company formation process.

If you’re just starting out you will need to read, What is an LLC? Here you’ll find out what type of LLC you will be forming. There are several types, including Domestic LLC, Foreign LLC, and Professional LLC. This guide is specifically tailored to the Domestic LLC, though much of the information will be useful for all types of LLC’s. Already filed the articles of organization? Learn what is an EIN? Apply for your EIN and then you’re on your way to being an official business owner! Check your state-specific page for information on acquiring proper registration, licenses and permits for your limited liability company.

Still in the development stages? Check out our Start Up Corner. There you can create a Life Plan, choose a Business Model, and build your Business Plan. All very important steps before forming your LLC.

Other great resources for start-ups we provide:

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