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How to Start an LLC - Starting an LLC is Easy!

How to Start an LLC

Learn how to form an LLC in a few simple steps using TRUIC's free guide. By making the process easy to understand, we hope to get you on the path to forming your limited liability company, and ultimately achieving your dreams.

Starting your LLC is the most difficult step to becoming an entrepreneur. If you're feeling hesitant to get started, we suggest enrolling in our newly launched Udemy course, Entrepreneurship Made Easy. Renowned time-couch Elizabeth Saunders will guide you through the self-improvement plan to get you mentally prepared to run your own business.

Starting an LLC

It's as easy as

We provide a step-by-step LLC formation process for all 50 states. You'll find the specific links, documents and information for your state’s company formation process. Here are the basic four steps to start an LLC:

Step 1. Name your LLC

Step 2. Choose a Registered Agent

Step 3. File the Articles of Organization

Step 4. Create an Operating Agreement (might be optional)

However you'll want to select your state for step-by-step detailed instructions on how to form an LLC.

Learn the basics of LLC formation before jumping in!

Visit our before you incorporate!

We've created an entire learning section that you should familiarize yourself with before you form your LLC. Here you’ll discover the basics that you need to know as a new business owner.

Learn the Basics

What is an LLC? Find out what type of LLC you will be forming. Why should you form an LLC instead of a S-corp or C-corp? What are some of the benefits you'll get by incorporating?

What is an Operating Agreement? Find out whether or not your State requires this document and why you may need one, and where to get it!

What is a Registered Agent? You can't form your LLC with the State without a registered agent. Learn what it is, who you can chose, and whether you should get a registered agent service.

What is Workers' Compensation? You'll only need to get workers' comp if you have employees - learn more about workers' comp for when your business expands.

Have You Made a Business Plan?

Use to help you organize the most important information about your business venture. Create an account so that you can come back and work on it another time.

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